• Make sure you have created a MyVOCO.net account. Open the VOCO Controller app, and go to Content, then Online Services, then TIDAL.
    Tap Enter TIDAL Credentials, and enter your TIDAL username and password.

    VOCO devices can be controlled from the VOCO Controller app. You will find this app in your device app store.

    With a TIDAL HiFi subscription, you have the ability to stream 25 million tracks in lossless quality. Lossless content is CD quality music meaning that the files are not compressed, so that you hear the music the way the artists intended for their music to be heard. FLAC/ALAC - 1411kbps.

    With a TIDAL Premium subscription, you still have access to over 25 million tracks, but you are restricted to only High quality. This means that the maximum quality is AAC 320 kbps.