• Linn
  • TIDAL is now available to Linn users in all these selected markets. Make sure to register your email at to be notified when TIDAL goes live in your country.


    To set up TIDAL on a Linn DS player, update your Linn DS player with the latest software, available via Linn Konfig. You can download the latest version of Linn Konfig from


    For detailed instructions on updating your DS software using Linn Konfig, visit:


    Install the latest version of Linn’s control app, Linn Kazoo, on to your iPad, PC or Mac, you can download Linn Kazoo from


    If you already use Linn Kazoo, you will be prompted to update to the latest version.


    In Linn Kazoo, select the TIDAL tile, located beside My Music. If you have a TIDAL account already, enter your email and password to log in. Select Default login details to make this your default login and you will not be prompted to log in the next time you want to listen to TIDAL.


    If you don’t already have a TIDAL account, click on ‘Register Now’. Registered Linn DS owners benefit from a free 60 day trial. Once you have registered with Linn, you will be sent an email with your voucher code and instructions on how to set up your TIDAL account.