• Savant
  • To use TIDAL up on a Savant Media Server, contact your Savant Authorized Integrator and request a firmware update. You will need to give your TIDAL account credentials in order to connect your subscription to your Savant Media Server.

    Once the firmware update is complete, you will see TIDAL as an available streaming source on the Savant App, and you can begin to enjoy playback of TIDAL’s lossless catalog.

    Control of TIDAL through a Savant Media Server requires the Savant App (v. 7.2 or later), which is available in your device app store Once you've downloaded the app, you can find new album releases, browse your favorite artists, get recommendations based on your mood, and more!

    To use multiple TIDAL accounts, select the TIDAL streaming service under the streaming tab in the Savant App. Select Account then Use another TIDAL account, you'll be given an option to either enter your TIDAL account credentials or subscribe for another account. If another account has already been set up on the Savant Media Server, simply select the account that you'd like to use to access TIDAL.