• Referral Program
  • TIDAL Referral Program is available to all US-based TIDAL Members. Anytime you refer a new user to register an account with TIDAL (using your personalized link) they will receive an additional 30 days of free streaming and you will receive free bonus days, based on your subscription type.

    Here’s how to get started:

    1. Log onto http://tidal.referralcandy.com/ to receive your referral link
    2. Share your personalized link with anyone who does not currently have a TIDAL account
    3. The new TIDAL Member will register their new account, using the instructions from the link you sent
    4. Once the account is Active, the full 60-day trial is added, automatically
    5. Within 48 hours of a successful referral activation, we send you notification that the account was created and that your complimentary bonus days, have been added to your account

    The Referral time you receive is based on your subscription. If you have the Premium service, you will receive 30 free days and if you have the Hifi service, you receive 15 days of complimentary service.

    The 60-day free trial for the new referral user is standard and does not vary based on the subscription type.

    The time is automatically added to your subscription when the referral link is used to activate the new account. If the new user registers through the standard process, direct through the website instead of through the link you provided them, they are not considered to be a referral and bonus days cannot be applied for either account.

    Note: all TIDAL Members, new and existing, must reside in the US.

    Referral Bonus Days cannot be combined with any other offers. Including, but not limited to, vouchers, promotions or pre-existing subscriptions.

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