• Double Charges
  • If you are seeing double or multiple charges for a TIDAL subscription, it might appear that our system is charging you incorrectly for your one account. However, through past experience, we have discovered that there are several common instances where this happens. Please take a moment to review the following scenarios that may help you understand any multiple charges you may be seeing.

    Months containing more than 30 days:

    TIDAL subscription fees are charged on a 30-day billing cycle. This makes it possible to be charged twice within the same calendar month. For example January 1 and January 31. This is not considered to be a double charge as the fees were collected 30 days apart.

    Failed Payments:

    At times, our request for payment may be declined by your bank or credit card company. To avoid service interruption, we may resubmit the request several times until the payment is successful. Once the fee is applied to your account, it will have been several days past the original due date.  Then, on the regularly scheduled due date, you are charged once again. Seemingly, it appears that you paid twice in just a few weeks, however, that first payment was past due and brought your account up to date and the next charge is on time and for your upcoming month of service.

    You may have two Active subscriptions, through TIDAL:

    Each account uses an email address for the login and since no two logins can be the same, the accounts are registered with two different email addresses. For every active account, a subscription fee is applied every 30 days. Multiple accounts owned by the same customer is not considered to be a double charge.

    Second Account via Third Party 

    TIDAL subscribers can obtain a subscription through one of our partners such as Apple or Google Play. Each source offers their own billing, uses a separate login, and are not combined or linked to any other subscriptions. These alternate subscriptions are maintained separately from any other account you may already have registered in our database.  If you see charges from multiple sources, this means you have an active subscription with each one.


    How can I tell if I’ve been double charged for one account?                                         

    A True double charge will have one or all of the following:

    1. The fees were applied on the same date
    2. The subscription fees will be the same amount
    3. The charges are applied to the same payment method. (ie: Two charges in PayPal)


    How can I determine if I have more than one account that’s being charged?                     

    Indications that you have more than one Active account include one or all of the following:

    1. The fees will be charged on separate dates.
    2. The subscription fees are different. Example: One charge is for 9.99, and the other is 19.99.
    3. The fees were charged through separate payment methods. Example: One fee was processed through PayPal and one fee was processed through your credit card.